Leopard Print Bedding

With leopard prints at the all-time height in popularity, who doesn’t want their very own safari haven? With this versatile pattern coming in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, it’s never been easier to create a leopard print oasis in your bedroom. From fuzzy comforters to colorful silk sheets, you can awesomely transform any ol’ bedroom with tons of leopard print décor!

Go Wild With Leopard Print!

Have no idea where to begin? No problem! Start from the ground up—literally. Throw a vibrant, soft rug on the floor and step back and let it inspire you to keep going with your leopard print bedroom décor. Have a four-poster bed? Be creative with leopard print wall decals and use them on the bedposts for a unique, amazing leopard look.  Go all out with a complete rainbow hued leopard print bedding set, or stay a little more subtle with a mix and match style of your favorite pieces of leopard print sheets, bed runners, and duvets.

This décor doesn’t have to stop at your bed, either. Layer up your walls in matching canvas art pieces that are striking and bold. Don’t be shy with accessories, too, such as wall clocks, functional shelving units, or billowy romantic leopard curtains for your windows. Have an ensuite bathroom? Take your leopard print love further! A bright leopard shower curtain paired with a detailed porcelain toiletry set and fuzzy rugs are just the thing to liven up a bedroom’s bathroom!

Accent With Leopard Print Decor Finds!

Feeling daring? Use stencils to paint an array of gorgeous leopard print spots across your walls and ceilings. Are you more into the natural leopard look? Remember to pair up golds, browns, and rich mauves to create a beautiful mesh of leopard design. Don’t take smaller accents in leopard print style for granted either, as you can place many of these around your bedroom for a chic look. Leopard print candle holders, jewelry bowls, lampshades, and nightlights are all just a handful of options you have.

Whether you’re adding leopard print décor to pieces you already have, or starting fresh, you really can’t go wrong with just about any leopard item in your bedroom. Watch in amazement as your room goes from an ordinary place to sleep to a true nirvana of serenity and a showcase of love for the most popular design print in the world.

Chic, Leopard Print Bedroom!

Chic Leopard Print Bedroom


Fun, Colorful Leopard Print Bedroom

Kids Leopard Print bedroom


Chic, Safari Bedroom Theme!

Chic Safari Bedroom Theme


Black And White Leopard Print Bedroom Theme

Black And White Leopard Print Bedding


Leopard Print Bedroom Decor
Leopard Print Wall Decor



Leopard Print Curtains


Leopard Print Wall Decal

Leopard Print Throw Pillows

Leopard Print Throw Pillows

Leopard Print Rug

Leopard Print Rug


















Leopard Print Gift Ideas For Christmas

Leopard print is one of the most popular patterns for décor. It has no shelf life and is always on trend, so making it an across the board theme for your holiday shopping list can add a dose of snazzy fun to this Christmas.

Top Christmas Gifts Ideas, For A Leopard Print Decor Theme!

From bedding to kitchen and bathroom sets to even bigger pieces of furniture, leopard print décor Christmas gifts are unforgettable and slide just perfectly right into the season. If you’re buying for kids, leopard patterns get really creative in the forms of miniature chairs, plush blankies, and even fun stuffed animal leopards. Leopard print works great in an adult’s room, too, so stick with vibrant bedding sets, curtains, or throws that are made of the softest fabrics in the coolest of leopard designs.

Leopard print isn’t just confined to the bedroom, however. Pick out gifts that gravitate into the kitchen or bathrooms, as well. Coasters, wine racks, or kitchen towel sets are an amazing spice up to any kitchen. For the bathroom, think gifting full leopard print bathroom toiletry sets or beautiful shower curtains. What’s remarkable about leopard print is that it’s so easy to infuse into any already existing décor. This means whatever you choose to gift to your loved ones, leopard print is certain to fit perfectly into their lives!

Leopard Print  Bedding Gift Ideas

Leopard Print Bedding


Leopard Print Teens Bedding


Leopard Print Kitchen, Christmas Gifts

Leopard Print Coasters


Leopard Print Kitchen Towels


Leopard Print Travel Mug

Stylish Leopard Print Bathroom Accessories

Leopard Print Bathroom Accessories

Leopard Print Shower Curtain

Wild Leopard Figurines

Leopard Figurine

Snow Leopard Figurine
Great Leopard Print Decor Gifts For Kids!



Leopard Print Bean bagLeopard Print Throws/ Pillow Covers

Leopard Print Throws

Purple Leopard Print Throw

Leopard Print Pillow Covers















Leopard print bedding is a fantastic way to transform your bedroom into something fun and flirty, bringing out the snazziest parts of your personality. You can create a whole, unique theme in your room with an endless array of colors, fabrics, and pieces that are not only interchangeable, but also merge splendidly with existing décor.

Leopard Wow Factor!

What’s especially wonderful about leopard print bedding is that you really can cater it to your own personal style. Whether you love bold looks, or more subtle designs, bringing leopard into your world allows you to make your space shine. A complete bedding set with the big, beautiful face of a leopard splashed over the main comforter offers a huge “wow” factor, while something simpler like a leopard print accent pillow or throw can be equally stunning.

Create A Leopard Oasis

Fabric is essential to the leopard print bedroom motif, so opt for soft and silky to the touch options like velvet, satin, or high thread count cotton. Rainbow-hued leopard spotted sheets or standard leopard shades of gold and black on shams and duvets are both remarkably executed in the right fabrics. It’s never been easier to create a masterpiece that is your very own leopard oasis.

Snow Leopard Bedding


Rainbow Leopard Bedding

3D Leopard Bedding









So what’s the difference between cheetah and leopard print?

I’ve heard many people ask and the answer is fairly simple as the leopard cat has rosette, horseshoe style spots with a light color in the middle, while the fastest cat on the planet has plain black spots.There’s not a huge difference visually if you are looking at a top or coat being worn from a distance but up close the characteristics of each wild cats, coat is evident and for the purists it will be important whether they choose a leopard or cheetah print decor, while many of us like both looks, with their distinctive black, beige, brown colors, even if there is a variance in the style of spots.

Like leopard print the cheetah pattern is a popular choice in clothing and decorating the home and it’s even truer that when you go to buy what you think is one or the other, on close inspection can turn out to be the wrong labeling as not everyone it would seem has taken the time to verify the difference between these two cats, sensational coat of arms.

it seems animal prints are not likely to go out of style and it;s easy to see why as for one thing the designs are something else and make a huge visual impact on any room whether it’s a minimalistic white room with a cheetah print rug sparking up the look, or a colorful room accented by a leopard print chair whose neutral stance adds a lot of wild charm and pops like crazy next to pretty much any bold hue in the room. if you’re looking to add an edgy look to any space try throwing some cheetah, leopard pillows on a sofa or hang curtains in this mode to create a wildly dramatic backdrop that grabs your attention every time.

It would seem the starry eyed spots of these feline motif’s are not about about to fade away and if anything are more in demand than ever  before,as seen on celebs who love the look of animal prints as a confidence anthem we like to emulate, because if out favorite pop or movie icon can wear or embellish their Hollywood homes leopard or cheetah print, so can we!

,Some people attack animal prints as trashy but that’s kind of weird when you think, these are the coats worn by our animal friends who were once generous enough to let us wear them back in the caveman days so we could stay modest and  warm. How can you say a zebra, leopard, cheetah or giraffe is trashy!! Makes you seriously wonder who thought up this analogy and how it got to have such a powerful impact on our thinking!.

it also reminds me of the pink and blue story where up until the 1940’s baby boys were dressed in pink (so cute) and girls in blue. Along came a  marketing machine engineered by clothing manufacturers of the time who flipped the gender baby clothing color on it’s ear and stated we now dress our little Diva’s in pink and boys will be blue! if you are surprised you’re not alone as I was pretty stunned also. My point here is when fashion magnets and people in high places make a statement of change, it’s amazing how quickly that thought circulates and before you know it our beautiful creatures of the wild are marked in the tasteless fashion bin, until further notice!!

Cheetah and leopard print are part of nature and yes they are a bold print but so are the geometric patterns popular in clothing and home decor right now. The lesson to learn here is when decorating your home choose what makes you happy and continue to walk to the beat of your own drum when it comes to what you wear.also. Of course when it comes to how you present yourself in the workplace their are rules we need to respect, but when it comes to making your sanctuary a place that reflects a vision of your personality and style, where’s the harm in a stunning cheetah bedding set to liven up a snazzy jungle, safari theme or greet a leopard on the prowl in your bathroom on the shower curtain! These fabulous feline designs can be classy that’s for sure and if you want to ask an expert in your house what they think about that cheetah print.chair that you just bought online, go find one of the kids who hasn’t been effected by what the fashion, decor magazines are saying  as to what you should or shouldn’t do, and I’ll bet they’ll tell you that animal prints simply rule and look amazing in any form!

It’s also important to remember that back in the day only the very rich or royal could afford animal prints to display in their homes and there was no talk of a leopard or cheetah covered chair being referred to as tacky or tasteless, in fact it was quite the opposite as these exotic prints were cited as symbol of affluence and good taste. Of course these were real skins sadly and we now thank goodness,replicate the look, but the design was and is the same making an interesting point that how can something so prized for it’s visual appeal, become something many are cautious about  when adding it to their home decor for fear of the leopard, cheetah print  fashion police ready to deliver their seasonal verdict as to what is in vogue and what is not!

Just a thought!

Leopard Print


Cheetah Print



Leopard Print Wallpaper


Cheetah Print Chair


Leopard Print Chaise


Cheetah Print Bathroom


Colorful Leopard Print Wallpaper



I love animal prints and wear zebra and leopard print quite often. I’m aware that leopard print has a negative rep with some but let me assure you my leopard print tops are very classy and get a ton of compliments from friends and acquaintances whenever they are worn.

Like anything it’s how you present it and if your style is elegant, chic the way you wear leopard print will reflect that totally. The same could be said for how you decorate your home and if you have a fear factor about leopard print, but like the idea of adding accents to any given room, take a leap of faith in your own choices and find a leopard print bedding set or rug in a charity shop that won’t cost much and place it in different parts of a room. Then take note how you feel about having this powerful pattern in your home. Makes sense to have a play if you are not sure and I am speaking from experience, as it’s not always easy to visualize something without actually seeing it with your own eyes.

Animal prints are loved by all age groups from wee toddlers to teens and grownups who love their wild, “one with nature” appeal. If you’re a fan of a neutral decor you might be surprised how a little leopard print can add a subtle lift to the overall room theme That being said it would be easy to put stronger colors in place if that is your personal preference like red, orange or lime green, which will pop with pattern and color for a bold statement look” it’s really down to how you balance the leopard with your decor, that makes it super classy or not!

You can add pieces of leopard print furniture to most colorful decor styles for a stunning, modern eclectic look or jazz up a black and white living room theme with vibrant leopard print throw pillows scattered on the sofa and chairs. if you are not sure how much of this eye-catching motif you want in your home, a leopard print rug on the floor adds charm in a soothing neutral space, while being the perfect pattern for a high-tread area where stains, muddy feet are naturally hidden from view.

Even a leopard print table runner or ottoman will instantly liven up a room and let visitors know there is a leopard in the house, adding a wow factor all of it’s own. You can find leopard prints that feature trendy vibrant colors and even a rainbow bedding set that may be a popular choice with your teens.who will love to put their own stamp on a leopard bedroom look, probably with bold choices that seem way out there to you, but just right for them.

We are told what we should and shouldn’t do when it comes to how we create a decor theme, that sits well with our personality and our place of pride in the world at large. When it comes to adding animal prints to your abode it might also depend on who you share it with and how they feel about this stylish, feline motif. We do care what others think and when your mom pops by and tells you that leopard print chair in your living room is way too loud, it’s likely that once she’s gone you’ll put it in a cupboard until you decide if shes wrong or right. People come and go in our home and always have a comment about something they see, but in the end it’s our private sanctuary to do with as we will so, get that leopard print chair back out of the cupboard and enjoy how it makes you feel!



The runways are alive with animal print fashion, especially leopard print which is fast becoming a staple in every modern girl’s wardrobe.

Leopard print has the wow factor we all want to achieve whether it be in the form of a fabulous scarf to dress up an outfit that needs that touch of the leopard to take it to the next level or as a standout focal point in the home. Before you go saying, that this exotic feline design might overpower a select decor look, be aware it is now being cited as the new neutral, which makes plenty of sense considering leopard print is essentially an earthy,brown coloring with creme and black spots.

The enticing pattern itself demands a little respect as to how you use it but  if you are placing a stylish leopard print chair or rug in a neutral living room, the pattern as patterns do, will pop like magic, adding a dramatic dimension of style, while the neutral colors blend with the overall look of the room.

if your’e decorating on a budget, leopard print accents will lift the look of a painted space and you might be surprised to find that many bold colors including shades of burgundy, purple, turquoise and red work beautifully with leopard print enriching the ambience of a colorful and well planned out space. If you have gold picture frames or a gold mirror on the wall a leopard ottoman or lampshade will create a warm, golden glow.

With , wall decor and curtains being designed in an array of colorful hues, you could find it easy to mix and match your leopard accents to suit the color you have decorated a room. The ways to work with leopard print are endless and fun so just remember it’s primarily a neutral that will work well with most color schemes, adding a depth of vibrancy, that makes an interior shine!

What makes us fall head over heels in love with a certain look in clothing or home decor that captivates our senses and makes us want to surround our lives with this sensational style. For some it’s the romanticism of a Parisian themed bedroom, while others go completely gaga over a bright orange retro sofa or gorgeous vintage dress they’ve seen in the local charity shop.We are all uniquelly inspired by different things as are the die-hard fans of animal prints who can’t get enough of the natural beauty of a tiger, cheetha or leopard, which seems to rise the ranks in popularity as a stunning accessory to be worn or featured as leopard furniture, bedding and wall decor for the home

Leopard print decor is like food you either love or refuse to eat off your plate and admired by selective souls who understand the magic a leopard print lamp or vase strategically placed can have on a rooms visual appeal. Kids love this furry, feline motif as a reference to the jungle, rain-forests of this  world and the wonderful big cats who inhabit them, while their adult counterparts appreciate the sassy significance of adorning their homes and person with this irrepressible animal print.  That’s why the alluring leopard motif presents an edgy look that takes some competing with and just a touch of it against a neutral backdrop can be a stunning effect. So is a leopard print decor for the brave of heart?  Or the clever, homegrown designer who knows it’s intrinsic value as a standout accent choice!

Make a grand statement on the wall with a large canvas print of the leopard in it’s natural habitat or spark up the bathroom with a leopard print shower curtain, accessories and towels. Ever had a leopard on the prowl in your jungle themed bedroom or a rug on the floor that purrs when it’s walked on? Living with the leopard has rules of it’s own and a little does indeed  goes a long way. Getting the balance right is a challenge in itself and takes a bit of tweaking to get the look, exactly how you want.

Glamorous, fashionable, flirty and chic, leopard print is always a fabulous look. Is it time you released the wild soul, hiding within and take your decor to the next level with a magical leopard print makeover?

if you think a leopard print decor could be fun flirty, vivacious you’d be so right as this magic animal print can transcend a living area or bedroom into a smart interior with an edgy animalistic appeal, purrfect for nature lovers or a chic jungle theme.

Let me tell you the fabulous leopard spots are no fad and like the elegant damask pattern or funky chevron, has been a favorite in clothing style and home decor for some time. The classic leopard print scarf can jazz up any outfit while a leopard print bedding set will liven up your after dark sanctuary keeping you snug and warm as this coat of golden colors did when early man needed clothing to ward off the cold. Top fashion designers know the allure of leopard print and dress celebrities in stylish leopard coats, shoes and blouses while the interior design teams love incorporating this magic motif into homes as an accent or complete leopard look for the client who loves this sassy feline pattern

.Add an array of leopard throw pillows, perhaps a rug or accent chair to a neutral palette for an inspiring space that is instantly classy and inviting as leopard print can be your best friend when it comes to adding a little designer magic to a neutral interior. There’s a ton of talk about whats currently on trend in fashion and home decor and yes it’s true what is cited as the latest craze, can be here today and gone tomorrow but not so with the ongoing attraction of leopard print, which seems to be a permanent “on trend” fixture in both these arenas as it’s so versatile and so easily enhances rooms with  a variety of different themes.

Exotic textures with a memorable,motif makes this popular print a strong contender for a sophisticated leopard print decor or bedroom where a striking leopard print bedding set pairs superbly with dark or black wood furniture to create an impressive ambiance of style and grandeur  Take a few steps down the hall to the kids room and yu might find their youthful interpretation of the leopard logo a bit more upbeat with purple, pink, green or rainbow leopard bedding offset by leopard wall art, throw pillows and funky furniture making their personal space a fun and fashionable place to be.

The charismatic concept of leopard print is something to try if you’ve been looking for the right accent to pump up a neutral; schemed room adding flair without detracting from the overall  decor vision you have for your home.The easy way to know is by draping a leopard throw over a favorite chair or changing the cushion covers on the sofa. if you like what you see start adding a tittle leopard to any room like the bathroom where animal print accessories light up a classic white space or the kitchen with leopard print coffee mugs, wine glasses, salt and pepper shakers adding pizzazz to the chefs room, Work your way through the home experimenting as you go with this timeless pattern that is a gift from nature itself!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you find yourself instantly attracted to the spotty.golden/cream colors of the leopard, big cat, why not indulge your life with a leopard print decor that incorporates your passion for this lavish animal print theme.

it doesn’t matter a bunch if your decor style leans towards the classics or is a fabulously modern abode, as animal prints are almost older than time so fit very nicely into most interior designs. The sky’s the limit and you’ll be spoilt for choice with distinctly divine furniture pieces that can create a dramatic focal point like nothing else you’ll see. Walking into a room with leopard print you get an instant feeling of warmth and familiarity as after all this pattern is made world famous by the big cats that live in the forest and mountains of east Asia, Africa and give us such a masterpiece motif with their beautiful coat of arms, a natural wonder we love to emulate in clothing, accessories and creating a leopard print decor dream.

If you’re a fan of natural hues a few select pieces of leopard print furniture such as a faux fur leopard print accent chair designed in the French Louis style or a modern Cleopatra style chaise will add glamour and a striking visual effect. If you feel your dining chairs are in need of a lift add leopard print covers for a wildly chic look. An ottoman upholstered in leopard print may be enough for some but for the daring and adventurous a wallpaper with the leopard spots can be a statement while and make a leopard print space…really roar!

How about a coffee table with a leopard print top to add pizzazz to a space or a grown up comfy leopard chair or bean bag for the kids, who are sure to be animal print fans.How much you have of this magic natures design is up to you and if you love how your leopard look, then close the door on the world and enjoy!

The appeal of animal prints is widespread and deep within out origins as early mankind from the stone age, looked to animal fur to clothe and protect from the elements, while targeting particular animals as  a symbol of tribal identity and power.This is also how leopard print bedding evolved out of need to stay warm in their cave homes during cooler seasons and climates,

The fabulously exotic look of leopard print bedding is hugely popular and works superbly with an African or animal print bedroom theme. You can get this timeless motif in all kinds of colors, including a rainbow leopard print bedding set that is wildly fun and makes a unique, stylish statement.

Designers have created leopard print bedding that mixes different animal print patterns plus geometrics, stripes and florals, which also look great alongside the leopard spots, depending on what style of decor you are going for. There’s no doubt that a bedroom featuring a leopard print comforter or duvet will always be a stand out look that is bold and adventurous with a jungle safari appeal, many of us find inviting, alluring and although much has been written about how you should decorate with leopard print, it’s really up to you how you release your inner wild soul, within the confines of your own home and sanctuary. In this “anything goes” decor world, a leopard print decor still grabs the spotlight for it’s timeless, nature themed appeal!

Celebrities have played a huge part in the popularizing of leopard print as they know it’s flirtatious power and wear it well to create a buzz that gets cameras flashing and front page in the fashion mags, for such is the magnetism of this golden, spotted animal print, appearing on furniture, clothing, bedding, jewelry and art. We just can’t seem to get enough of leopard print, and especially a leopard print decor theme that harnesses the wild factor within us all, from eons ago.

Perhaps this is why we feel an instant familiarity with the striking prints of the tiger, cheetah and leopard print as a reflection of our primal selves and millions of years later are still drawn to the concept of wearing and decorating our homes with animal prints, embracing our close connection to nature.


Any decor scheme for a home including a leopard print theme, brings out the best parts of our personality. These themes are interchangeable and a fun creative process to put together, but a lot of times we forget key pieces that really bring out the best of what we have created with our décor. Leopard print furniture is a bold and fantastic way to really complete a room’s entire look, no matter what your motif.

You can go as big or as small as you need with leopard print furniture, so it’s definitely great to know just how limitless your options really are. For smaller furniture pieces, you can bring in leopard print bean bags into any room, along with a leopard print side table, sofa stand, or even ottomans. All of these pieces come in smaller or bigger sizes, depending on how much space you have and what dimensions you can fit within whatever room you’re decorating. Other options you might not have thought of that are both gorgeous and full of imagination are wooden room dividers with the beautiful image of a leopard, or even a snazzy leopard print cushion for an accent or bistro chair. Bigger furniture pieces that make an even bigger impact are leopard print love seats, an elegant leopard print chaise, or a contemporary storage bench, ideal if you are creating a leopard print decor that makes a fabulous design statement.

Regardless of how many pieces or the size of the pieces you bring into a space, leopard print furniture embodies a style that is timeless, classy, and vibrant. Its versatility is marvelous for any color palate and theme in any room in your home. What’s also really great about furniture pieces is that they are easily moved, so as not to confine the look to one spot. You can change your leopard furniture look any time and to any room, which makes it that much more of a smart investment.

Leopard print is one trend that stays hot within the décor world—and it’s no wonder why. This pattern is exotic and flirtatious while still giving off a warm and cozy vibe, and it can be seamlessly incorporated into any space and any already existing décor scheme.

The bedroom is a particularly wonderful place to bring in the classic and ever-popular leopard print motif. With leopard print bedding in your sanctuary, you give the most precious room in your home a fierce flare and a sensual atmosphere. There is nothing with more personality than leopard print to cozily curl up in at night or pleasantly wake up in when the morning alarm sounds. And regardless of how subtle or bold your tastes might be, leopard print offers something for everyone.

Leopard print bedding comes in all sorts of designs. Whether you’re into a straight-up leopard print pattern with natural gold, brown, and black tones, or if you love the full animal of the leopard taking up your entire bedspread, you can really utilize leopard print in so, so many ways. If you don’t want an entire bedding set covered in leopard, you can always find a great, furry soft leopard throw blanket or pillows to add just the right splash of leopard to your bed. If you love going all out with as much leopard print as possible, try luxurious silk leopard print sheets, and a few leopard print bedding sets in different shades of color to switch up your leopard love depending on your mood. Mixing and matching colors with leopard print can be a fun adventure for your creativity, as well. Think a black bed skirt with a neon pink leopard print comforter and glittery decorative pillows with leopard faces. No matter your style or how fierce you’re feeling today, there are interchangeable leopard print bedding options available out there by the hundreds—so get your shop on!

Decorating your home with a leopard print motif can be sassy, fun, and unique. It can add warmth to your space while keeping a modern and sophisticated flair. But like all other intricate patterns, you have to know the limits of what you can and cannot do with leopard print. You don’t want to make the bold style choice of bringing such a snazzy theme into your home and then take away from it by setting it up wrong. Let’s take a look at the do’s and don’ts of decorating and creating a stylish leopard print interior.

DO: Go all out with big leopard print pieces. One prominent piece of leopard print like a storage bench, an ottoman, or a chair makes an exciting statement and sets the mood for any room without having to accessorize with more.
DON’T: Overdo it. While it’s hard not to jump on every leopard print accessory out there to put in your space, by covering a room in too much of a good thing, you take away from the beauty it holds in the first place. Make sure to keep balance. If you opt for a big leopard print piece, then leave it at that, or at the very most, have one to two corresponding leopard pieces on the wall or a throw on the sofa.
DO: Add a trendy look to smaller rooms with leopard print sets. Bathrooms and powder rooms are a great place to do this with toiletry sets that include soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and moveable storage, or vanity sets that include make-up bins, brush caddies, and even matching makeup accessories.
DON’T: Do more than one accent wall in leopard print. A whole room in leopard print is almost blinding to the eye and can alienate anyone wanting to go into that space. If you really want to spread wall décor throughout every wall, go for leopard print decals over wallpaper so that the look is not overpowering.
DO: Create a sanctuary of plush and luscious leopard print bedding. Here, you have limitless mix and match opportunities and you can mingle up your pieces any time, and in any way you wish. Try leopard print comforters, sheets, throw pillows, shams, and even runners to give your bedroom a sultry atmosphere that keeps you feeling feminine.
DON’T: Limit yourself to one room. You can bring a leopard print theme into every room in your home if that is what you wish and it can look fantastic. The key again is to keep balance. While you might not want all leopard print furniture along with leopard print walls, art pieces, and accessories in your living room, you can have all this if you spread it out evenly throughout your home.
DO: Experiment with color. Leopard print is not limited to warm gold and black tones. By adding splashes of vibrant colors to this exotic print, you can really bring your own personality to the leopard print theme.


Leopard print is a bold and sassy pattern that can be beautifully—and albeit easily—incorporated into any space. Decorating with leopard print is a fun and flirty way to splash your personality around your living space, and it is a pattern that is an assured conversation starter. Leopard print works with all types of décor already in your home and it meshes with so many colors and fabrics. Whether you’re looking to go big with furniture pieces or more subtle with accessories, decorating with leopard print offers a flair of fabulous.

You might find that leopard print in a kitchen is unexpected, but the room in which we spend most of our time is a brilliant place to incorporate such a warm print. Leopard print options in the kitchen are endless, with useful accessories like plates and martini glasses. Light switch covers, bakeware, drawer liners, and even utensil holders take on their own personality with a leopard print design. How about coasters or a stiletto-shaped, leopard print wine bottle holder for an extra pizzazz of fancy on your countertop? Decorating your kitchen with leopard print may be unexpected, but it packs a delightful punch to the overall ambience.

Bigger pieces make bigger statements, and that’s just what you’ll find when you add leopard print furniture into your décor mix. Dining room chairs with cushions of leopard print pattern or a storage ottoman wrapped in soft, leopard spotted material for your living room are both larger accents that can really set the tone of a space. Smaller accessories that offer the same impact as furniture pieces include items like wall art of actual leopards, leopard bedding and leopard throw pillows. A really unique and snazzy way to show your love for leopard is turning an accent wall into the print itself! Gigantic leopard spots are now offered as decals for easy application on any wall and can be reused if you decide to move the leopard vibe to another room!

Decorating with leopard print brings out several energies in your personality: confidence, fun, and an above all opulent taste.


Leoaprd print is a snazzy look in any home and it also seems to provide a warm, natural atmosphere amidst its uniqueness. This pattern is a fun one to incorporate into your holiday season, so let’s look at some creative ways to put on a purrrfect leopard print Christmas this year.

What’s really great about leopard print is how extremely versatile it is. No matter if you are opting for a green, white, pink, or even red Christmas tree this year, leopard print will mesh splendidly with anything. Start with leopard print ribbon to twine around your tree and then add ornament balls in glittery leopard print design. Leopard print bows and other fun ornaments will tie the look together. But don’t forget the bottom and the top of the tree! You could still opt for a traditional silver star that would look fabulous, but other toppers that are equally amazing include leopard print bows and even long, thick crafting feathers with a luxurious feel to their leopard print pattern. Use a bold tree skirt that mixes leopard print with rich colors of browns and sexy textures of velour.

Remember that with leopard print, you’re not confined to a color scheme of just browns, blacks, and golds. With this pattern, you can use it with any color or fabric and really make your leopard print Christmas theme pop, How about pink and purple leopard print stockings for your mantle or a white wreath and garland with vibrant red leopard print accents? Bringing color into your leopard print Christmas will add an extra flair of fun and personality to this one of a kind motif.

Of course, this theme would not be complete without a few extra accents to really tie it together. Figurines of leopards, a small statue by the fireplace, Throw pillows for relaxing, and even a tablecloth with the prominent face of a leopard truly will make this Christmas special and alluring.

Leopard print is such a distinct pattern, that it is a favorite among décor ideas in the home. Leopard print can take your space in any direction you wish: from flirty and modern to classic and vintage, the broad scope of what this print can turn your living space into is limitless!

The best part about choosing leopard print is that with the endless ambiences you can set with it allow you to make this style work in any room in your home. Let’s take a look at how you can turn even your most basic home spaces into fabulous rooms filled with this versatile print.

One of the top spaces for the leopard pattern motif is the bedroom. Armed with sultry and romantic vibes, leopard print seems to fit just perfectly in our end-of-day sanctuary. Leopard print also goes with any other color scheme you might desire, so mixing and matching your print becomes fun and effortless.

Accessories can be as extravagant or low-key as you wish, from leopard print bedspreads, curtains, and artwork to smaller items such as rugs, lampshades, pillows, or knick-knacks and figurines for your dressers.

A study or office of the home is another excellent room to really let your passion for leopard print shine through. Enhance this space of creativity with leopard print armchairs, furniture or even wallpaper! Bathrooms are also a great place to use the leopard theme with shower curtains, rugs, and bathroom sets including soap dispensers, dishes, toothbrush holders, and decorative hand towels.

Leopard print is a great way to put a creative flare into any space with any existing décor scheme. It allows for freedom of expression within your home while still making it easy to merge other passions, colors, and accessories into one space


Browse through home decorating magazines and you will quickly discover that animal prints are all the rage. Animal prints excite the imagination and add just that punch of wild accent that transforms a tame room into something exotic. People are discovering that leopard print is a very distinctive and innovative way to design a fabulous bedroom. Kids and teens are not the only one’s who are attracted to this intriguing design. All that is required are a few distinctive elements placed around the bedroom. Fortunately, all that is required to work this decorating magic is creativity and access to a home decor store with high quality leopard prints.

Certainly, it only takes a few key pieces of furniture, wall decorations, and accessories to transform an ordinary bedroom into a glorious leopard print bedroom. The first step is to remove all the furniture out of the room. Remove wall decor and other accessories. Take a look at the empty room and let your imagination run wild. Prepare the room for the transformation by adding a splash of fresh paint in a neutral color to the wall. For example, beige or white are perfect backdrops for the wild leopard print look!.

The bed is usually the focal point in the room. Add a soft leopard print comforter with matching shams. Toss a neutral colored wrap across the bed. Next, get really inspired with antique look chairs in white or tan with a leopard print fabric. Keep the look subtle with softly designed prints because the animal prints could be very overwhelming, if overdone. Place the chairs on the opposite side of the room to give the room a balanced look. Add boldly colored throw pillows on the bed. This should give the bed a very striking and adventurous look that will keep you in touch with the wild side. Decorate bare windows with wooden blinds for a purely natural look or consider muted leopard print panels. Add a thick, luxurious rug to the floor to bring a playful touch of wild elegance to the Leopard print bedroom

Accessories are a very important element in home decor and in your new Leopard print bedroom. Add neutral colored antique white or tan lamps to a leopard inspired night stand. Decorate the walls with unique art pieces inspired by outdoor scenes. Remember to keep the theme going with earthy pieces that bring a warm and inviting ambiance into the bedroom. Ideally, the room should feel cozy and inviting. Remember, you are creating your own retreat with these fabulous accessories, furniture, lamps, and wall coverings.

Leopard print popularity has led to an explosion of home decor sites that specialize in bringing the natural animal print right to their customers. It is easy to find an enormous amount of fun ideas to inspire you to decorate your home with a leopard print theme. Start your decorating adventure by simply selecting your favorite online home decor store and browse the site for ideas on stylish furniture and leopard print accessories to fill the room.


Animal prints are all the rage. Interior designers are jumping on board the bandwagon and embracing the new popularity that is sweeping the country and causing a splash in interior design. A leopard print decor is certainly the height of interior fashion, but it should be done tastefully.  Remember, less is often more appealing when it comes to animal prints.

Let’s take a closer look at leopard print decor and how you can incorporate into your home.

Surprisingly, animal print decor is able to blend in with just about any type of colors and furniture. Animal prints are also the perfect background for interior design. A leopard print decor would certainly blend in with neutral colored walls and furniture. The fun animal print would also be welcomed in a vibrantly colored room. Just keep it minimal. A few throws across a couch, pillows on a chair, or curtains would be a very elegant touch to a family, living room area.

Leopard prints have enjoyed increasing popularity over the last few decades. Consequently, they are readily available in many home decor shops. It is exceptionally easy to find leopard print rugs,, lamps, curtains, in those stores. A leopard print decor would certainly add a little flash to a boring bedroom or den.

Picture a vibrant lavender bedroom with leopard throw pillows scattered around the room and a leopard rug at the foot of the bed. It would make you want to prowl the room and curl up in bed.

Leopard print would also be a welcomed addition in an office setting. Imagine exotic leopard prints mixed in with office furniture. It would be a fun, yet elegant addition to the setting. Certainly, it is easier than ever to purchase just about any type of leopard decor online at a home decor site.


The world is exploding with “home decor” and the choice are almost endless. We have Vintage, Shabby Chic, French Country and of course fabulous…Animal Prints…

With so many stunning looks to choose from it can be very confusing when it comes time to decorating a room in your home. You often have to dig a little deep to find out where your passions lie and once you can establish that, the rest is relatively easy.

In today’s Interior design the word “Eclectic” gets bandied about a lot and I believe that is because we are capable of being passionate about more than one decor style. I have to admit i like home decor period! And can see the beauty of each and every varying style and the way it would appeal to so many people..

Am I eclectic by nature?..probably not as I tend to like a more pristine style of decor with a theme.The only problem is there are so many stunning decor themes I absolutely love..Does this make me a hopeless decor case? i think not as I am just enjoying like so many others the wonders of what has been created along the diverse home decor trail..

Firstly I am head over heels for leopard print and love wearing it as much as having it in my home. When I look at a leopard print chairor bedding set I can feel the adrenaline pumping through my soul in appreciation and that tells me I get a “feel good factor’ from this gorgeous earthy pattern that comes via one of the most beautiful creatures on earth… the regal leopard..

Am I the only one who feels this way?… Or are there more Leopard appreciators who can’t get enough of this mesmerizing motif?

Perhaps you are reading my dilemma and thinking how you can also bring a little Leopard into your style of decor whether it be a Vintage, Paris  or French Country space?

Well let me tell you creating a leopard print decor will be a truly fun event as the choices of furniture from the classical Louis style accent chairs to comfy bean bags for getting cozy while watching a DVD, make this animal print a wise choice when adding a bit of wow to any room. There’s leopard print accessories for the bathroom and kitchen, if you dare to let this big cat loose in the chefs special space along with authentic looking figurines, shower curtains with the mighty leopard on the prowl and bedding that is decidedly chic with a roar of rainbow leopard print design.

There’s something for everyone whose a fan of  the leopard look, so all you need to do is decode how you want your leopard haven to look and get busy creating a stunning leopard print theme!