Black And White “I Believe In Leopard Print” 3D Coffee Mug

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So one of your good friends or a family member is having a birthday and you want to find that purrfect gift to compliment their ongoing love affair with the lush, leopard print pattern

Guess what!…This stylish, ceramic coffee mug “I Believe in Leopard Print” in fabulous black and white with a splash of gorgeous leopard print, has all the star quality you want in a gift to make someone you care about very happy. Of course if you are  a leopard fan yourself it’s likely to see you ordering two of these ritzy mugs, so you can enjoy a morning cuppa, freshly brewed and poured into your brand new leopard coffee mug, that looks good enough to display on the kitchen counter.

I better let you know that this is no ordinary coffee mug as there’s a little bit of magic involved if you choose to order the “Magic Transforming Mug” version, which makes a cool party trick, as when this cup is empty or filled with cold liquid it’s pretty much black all over but when you start pouring hot coffee, tea, the whole thing changes before your eyes with the leopard quote, imagery and white background appearing, as if out of nowhere!

Fun and super functional this particular version of the mug holds an easy 11 or 15 fluid ounces of your favorite beverage and makes for an entertaining idea as a gift, or to surprise friends when they pop over for coffee morning.

You’ll have three coffee mugs to choose from when you click through to Amazon, including the sleek black and white mug with the leopard quote and imagery, a white coffee mug with the same writing and imagery and the unique “magic transforming mug.” You’ll be pleased to know the images are on both sides of this 3D, high-gloss finished mug that is lead-free and suits being hand washed to preserve the eye-catching imagery.

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