All will be well in the house at night, with a leopard keeping watch with this wildly purrfect leopard print night light, ideal for a child's bedroom, bathroom or anywhere in the home you might need a little light to find your find way.The bulb...

$15.50 as at 15:59 UTC. (Details)

Making a theme come to life doesn't have to cost the earth, so if you want to create a brand new leopard/animal print look, these adorable mini leopard chandelier shades can be used to enhance an old lamp, brighten up a wall sconce or overhaul a...

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You'll love the look of this vintage, leopard  lampshade with a glamorous leopard print pattern, highlighted by enchanting amber beads..\ideal to enhance a smaller lampAverage review rating is 3.7 out of 5Sassy shade..".I ordered this...

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If you are hoping to find a high-end, leopard print lampshade that is furry to the touch, you will be pleased to see this classic, chandelier shade that is a cut above the rest.Size is 3" in diameter at the top x 5" at the bottom x4.5" in...

$9.95 as at 01:07 UTC. (Details)

With a fully enclosed bulb this snazzy leopard print night light ticks the security box while providing a light for those who prefer a little light when they sleep.The plug can be rotated to suit various outlets in any direction and there is...

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Ready to get an adorable pink/leopard print lamp to fit with your trendy-jungle theme?Measuring 15" in height with a leopard shade that is 7" in diameter this might just be the right fit for a leopard theme..It takes a 60 watt bulb which is not...

$10.94 as at 23:16 UTC. (Details)

if you are decorating with leopard print theme , this lovely leopard shade will add the flair and style you want to enhance your new snazzy look!Size is 4" in diameter on top x 10" in diameter at the bottom x 7" in height.The shade is a UNO...

$18.95 as at 16:08 UTC. (Details)