Decorating With Leopard Print

Leopard print is a bold and sassy pattern that can be beautifully—and albeit easily—incorporated into any space. Decorating with leopard print is a fun and flirty way to splash your personality around your living space, and it is a pattern that is an assured conversation starter. Leopard print works with all types of décor already in your home and it meshes with so many colors and fabrics. Whether you’re looking to go big with furniture pieces or more subtle with accessories, decorating with leopard print offers a flair of fabulous.

You might find that leopard print in a kitchen is unexpected, but the room in which we spend most of our time is a brilliant place to incorporate such a warm print. Leopard print options in the kitchen are endless, with useful accessories like plates and martini glasses. Light switch covers, bakeware, drawer liners, and even utensil holders take on their own personality with a leopard print design. How about coasters or a stiletto-shaped, leopard print wine bottle holder for an extra pizzazz of fancy on your countertop? Decorating your kitchen with leopard print may be unexpected, but it packs a delightful punch to the overall ambience.

Bigger pieces make bigger statements, and that’s just what you’ll find when you add leopard print furniture into your décor mix. Dining room chairs with cushions of leopard print pattern or a storage ottoman wrapped in soft, leopard spotted material for your living room are both larger accents that can really set the tone of a space. Smaller accessories that offer the same impact as furniture pieces include items like wall art of actual leopards, leopard bedding and leopard throw pillows. A really unique and snazzy way to show your love for leopard is turning an accent wall into the print itself! Gigantic leopard spots are now offered as decals for easy application on any wall and can be reused if you decide to move the leopard vibe to another room!

Decorating with leopard print brings out several energies in your personality: confidence, fun, and an above all opulent taste.


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