How Do You Make A Leopard Print Decor Look Amazing?

I love animal prints and wear zebra and leopard print quite often. I’m aware that leopard print has a negative rep with some but let me assure you my leopard print tops are very classy and get a ton of compliments from friends and acquaintances whenever they are worn.

Like anything it’s how you present it and if your style is elegant, chic the way you wear leopard print will reflect that totally. The same could be said for how you decorate your home and if you have a fear factor about leopard print, but like the idea of adding accents to any given room, take a leap of faith in your own choices and find a leopard print bedding set or rug in a charity shop that won’t cost much and place it in different parts of a room. Then take note how you feel about having this powerful pattern in your home. Makes sense to have a play if you are not sure and I am speaking from experience, as it’s not always easy to visualize something without actually seeing it with your own eyes.

Animal prints are loved by all age groups from wee toddlers to teens and grownups who love their wild, “one with nature” appeal. If you’re a fan of a neutral decor you might be surprised how a little leopard print can add a subtle lift to the overall room theme That being said it would be easy to put stronger colors in place if that is your personal preference like red, orange or lime green, which will pop with pattern and color for a bold statement look” it’s really down to how you balance the leopard with your decor, that makes it super classy or not!

You can add pieces of leopard print furniture to most colorful decor styles for a stunning, modern eclectic look or jazz up a black and white living room theme with vibrant leopard print throw pillows scattered on the sofa and chairs. if you are not sure how much of this eye-catching motif you want in your home, a leopard print rug on the floor adds charm in a soothing neutral space, while being the perfect pattern for a high-tread area where stains, muddy feet are naturally hidden from view.

Even a leopard print table runner or ottoman will instantly liven up a room and let visitors know there is a leopard in the house, adding a wow factor all of it’s own. You can find leopard prints that feature trendy vibrant colors and even a rainbow bedding set that may be a popular choice with your teens.who will love to put their own stamp on a leopard bedroom look, probably with bold choices that seem way out there to you, but just right for them.

We are told what we should and shouldn’t do when it comes to how we create a decor theme, that sits well with our personality and our place of pride in the world at large. When it comes to adding animal prints to your abode it might also depend on who you share it with and how they feel about this stylish, feline motif. We do care what others think and when your mom pops by and tells you that leopard print chair in your living room is way too loud, it’s likely that once she’s gone you’ll put it in a cupboard until you decide if shes wrong or right. People come and go in our home and always have a comment about something they see, but in the end it’s our private sanctuary to do with as we will so, get that leopard print chair back out of the cupboard and enjoy how it makes you feel!



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