Leopard Cocktail Shaker SHA 456

Create a magic conversation piece at your next party or soiree, with this super stylish, leopard print martini shaker, made of handcrafted glass. Comes with a stainless steel strainer, secure lid top and will hold 25 fluid ounces of your favorite cocktail.

With it’s wild leopard look, this popular cocktail shaker will be the ideal gift for a leopard fan!

Average review rating is 3.6 out of 5

Martini lovers…”A fabulous Martini Shaker both in looks and quality of glass. At our mountain home, this animal print catches everyone’s attention. When entertaining you want to be able to shake up several at one time. I hate wimpy 3 oz. Martini glasses, as all mine hold 5/6 oz.+. Depending on the amount of ice you use (I use a lot), you can mix up 4 Martini’s at one time. Even when there is just the two of you, it’s great to have the 2nd one in reserve. I put the shaker in the fridge to keep the reserve Martini cool” by Mountain View.

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