Leopard Print Decor – The Eclectic Leopard

The world is exploding with “home decor” and the choice are almost endless. We have Vintage, Shabby Chic, French Country and of course fabulous…Animal Prints…

With so many stunning looks to choose from it can be very confusing when it comes time to decorating a room in your home. You often have to dig a little deep to find out where your passions lie and once you can establish that, the rest is relatively easy.

In today’s Interior design the word “Eclectic” gets bandied about a lot and I believe that is because we are capable of being passionate about more than one decor style. I have to admit i like home decor period! And can see the beauty of each and every varying style and the way it would appeal to so many people..

Am I eclectic by nature?..probably not as I tend to like a more pristine style of decor with a theme.The only problem is there are so many stunning decor themes I absolutely love..Does this make me a hopeless decor case? i think not as I am just enjoying like so many others the wonders of what has been created along the diverse home decor trail..

Firstly I am head over heels for leopard print and love wearing it as much as having it in my home. When I look at a leopard print chairor bedding set I can feel the adrenaline pumping through my soul in appreciation and that tells me I get a “feel good factor’ from this gorgeous earthy pattern that comes via one of the most beautiful creatures on earth… the regal leopard..

Am I the only one who feels this way?… Or are there more Leopard appreciators who can’t get enough of this mesmerizing motif?

Perhaps you are reading my dilemma and thinking how you can also bring a little Leopard into your style of decor whether it be a Vintage, Paris  or French Country space?

Well let me tell you creating a leopard print decor will be a truly fun event as the choices of furniture from the classical Louis style accent chairs to comfy bean bags for getting cozy while watching a DVD, make this animal print a wise choice when adding a bit of wow to any room. There’s leopard print accessories for the bathroom and kitchen, if you dare to let this big cat loose in the chefs special space along with authentic looking figurines, shower curtains with the mighty leopard on the prowl and bedding that is decidedly chic with a roar of rainbow leopard print design.

There’s something for everyone whose a fan of  the leopard look, so all you need to do is decode how you want your leopard haven to look and get busy creating a stunning leopard print theme!

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