Leopard Print Bedding

The appeal of animal prints is widespread and deep within out origins as early mankind from the stone age, looked to animal fur to clothe and protect from the elements, while targeting particular animals as  a symbol of tribal identity and power.This is also how leopard print bedding evolved out of need to stay warm in their cave homes during cooler seasons and climates,

The fabulously exotic look of leopard print bedding is hugely popular and works superbly with an African or animal print bedroom theme. You can get this timeless motif in all kinds of colors, including a rainbow leopard print bedding set that is wildly fun and makes a unique, stylish statement.

Designers have created leopard print bedding that mixes different animal print patterns plus geometrics, stripes and florals, which also look great alongside the leopard spots, depending on what style of decor you are going for. There’s no doubt that a bedroom featuring a leopard print comforter or duvet will always be a stand out look that is bold and adventurous with a jungle safari appeal, many of us find inviting, alluring and although much has been written about how you should decorate with leopard print, it’s really up to you how you release your inner wild soul, within the confines of your own home and sanctuary. In this “anything goes” decor world, a leopard print decor still grabs the spotlight for it’s timeless, nature themed appeal!

Celebrities have played a huge part in the popularizing of leopard print as they know it’s flirtatious power and wear it well to create a buzz that gets cameras flashing and front page in the fashion mags, for such is the magnetism of this golden, spotted animal print, appearing on furniture, clothing, bedding, jewelry and art. We just can’t seem to get enough of leopard print, and especially a leopard print decor theme that harnesses the wild factor within us all, from eons ago.

Perhaps this is why we feel an instant familiarity with the striking prints of the tiger, cheetah and leopard print as a reflection of our primal selves and millions of years later are still drawn to the concept of wearing and decorating our homes with animal prints, embracing our close connection to nature.


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