Leopard Print Decor

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you find yourself instantly attracted to the spotty.golden/cream colors of the leopard, big cat, why not indulge your life with a leopard print decor that incorporates your passion for this lavish animal print theme.

it doesn’t matter a bunch if your decor style leans towards the classics or is a fabulously modern abode, as animal prints are almost older than time so fit very nicely into most interior designs. The sky’s the limit and you’ll be spoilt for choice with distinctly divine furniture pieces that can create a dramatic focal point like nothing else you’ll see. Walking into a room with leopard print you get an instant feeling of warmth and familiarity as after all this pattern is made world famous by the big cats that live in the forest and mountains of east Asia, Africa and give us such a masterpiece motif with their beautiful coat of arms, a natural wonder we love to emulate in clothing, accessories and creating a leopard print decor dream.

If you’re a fan of natural hues a few select pieces of leopard print furniture such as a faux fur leopard print accent chair designed in the French Louis style or a modern Cleopatra style chaise will add glamour and a striking visual effect. If you feel your dining chairs are in need of a lift add leopard print covers for a wildly chic look. An ottoman upholstered in leopard print may be enough for some but for the daring and adventurous a wallpaper with the leopard spots can be a statement while and make a leopard print space…really roar!

How about a coffee table with a leopard print top to add pizzazz to a space or a grown up comfy leopard chair or bean bag for the kids, who are sure to be animal print fans.How much you have of this magic natures design is up to you and if you love how your leopard look, then close the door on the world and enjoy!

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