Leopard Print Decor – Leopard Print Themed Bedroom

Browse through home decorating magazines and you will quickly discover that animal prints are all the rage. Animal prints excite the imagination and add just that punch of wild accent that transforms a tame room into something exotic. People are discovering that leopard print is a very distinctive and innovative way to design a fabulous bedroom. Kids and teens are not the only one’s who are attracted to this intriguing design. All that is required are a few distinctive elements placed around the bedroom. Fortunately, all that is required to work this decorating magic is creativity and access to a home decor store with high quality leopard prints.

Certainly, it only takes a few key pieces of furniture, wall decorations, and accessories to transform an ordinary bedroom into a glorious leopard print bedroom. The first step is to remove all the furniture out of the room. Remove wall decor and other accessories. Take a look at the empty room and let your imagination run wild. Prepare the room for the transformation by adding a splash of fresh paint in a neutral color to the wall. For example, beige or white are perfect backdrops for the wild leopard print look!.

The bed is usually the focal point in the room. Add a soft leopard print comforter with matching shams. Toss a neutral colored wrap across the bed. Next, get really inspired with antique look chairs in white or tan with a leopard print fabric. Keep the look subtle with softly designed prints because the animal prints could be very overwhelming, if overdone. Place the chairs on the opposite side of the room to give the room a balanced look. Add boldly colored throw pillows on the bed. This should give the bed a very striking and adventurous look that will keep you in touch with the wild side. Decorate bare windows with wooden blinds for a purely natural look or consider muted leopard print panels. Add a thick, luxurious rug to the floor to bring a playful touch of wild elegance to the Leopard print bedroom

Accessories are a very important element in home decor and in your new Leopard print bedroom. Add neutral colored antique white or tan lamps to a leopard inspired night stand. Decorate the walls with unique art pieces inspired by outdoor scenes. Remember to keep the theme going with earthy pieces that bring a warm and inviting ambiance into the bedroom. Ideally, the room should feel cozy and inviting. Remember, you are creating your own retreat with these fabulous accessories, furniture, lamps, and wall coverings.

Leopard print popularity has led to an explosion of home decor sites that specialize in bringing the natural animal print right to their customers. It is easy to find an enormous amount of fun ideas to inspire you to decorate your home with a leopard print theme. Start your decorating adventure by simply selecting your favorite online home decor store and browse the site for ideas on stylish furniture and leopard print accessories to fill the room.


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