Microplush Leopard Print Blanket 102″x86″ Fits Queen-king

When man first walked the earth, he didn’t have designer clothes to keep him warm so back then out of a basic need to stop from freezing to death he wrapped himself in animal furs, which is why today we still love the feel of animal prints wrapped around us in bed or while watching a favorite TV program on the sofa. In this day and age we are fortunate to have access to clothing, leaving our animal friends to walk free in their jungle habitat..

This man made leopard print blanket with a soft and luxurious appeal is said to fit a king size bed but word is if you want it fall low to the ground it might be better suited to a Full or Queen size. The size is 102″ x 86″ so if you measure your bed in advance you’ll know what you are getting and if the fit is right for you..

Fabric is 100% micro-plush polyester.and is renowned for it’s velvety touch and how well it retains warmth, which is what you need in those colder months in the year.. it’s also stain, odor and mildew resistant and can be easily machine washed.

The blanket comes at a good price and will be a real treat for leopard print fans.who might use it as throw to liven up the sofa or add warmth and leopard style to their bed.

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