Outstanding Golden Leopard Shower Curtain

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Liven up your bathroom with a visually striking shower curtain, featuring a captivating golden leopard!

Whoever dares to step inside your bathroom will be truly amazed at the beauty of this wild leopard look, off-setting a prisitne white background with a magic, animal print bathroom theme

Size is 69″ in width x 70″ in length and made of 100% polyester offering wrinkle-free, stain, mold and soap residue resistant benefits, while being easily machine washable. There’s no need for a liner with this dynamic pattern and you get the standard plastic rings to install this powerful leopard shower curtain, the moment it arrives at your door.

Animal prints are a magic way to accent or present a focal point in any room so imagine how mesmerizing this green-eyed big cat, will look in your bathroom!

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