Ready To Dress Up Your Decor In Classy Cheetah, Leopard Print?

So what’s the difference between cheetah and leopard print?

I’ve heard many people ask and the answer is fairly simple as the leopard cat has rosette, horseshoe style spots with a light color in the middle, while the fastest cat on the planet has plain black spots.There’s not a huge difference visually if you are looking at a top or coat being worn from a distance but up close the characteristics of each wild cats, coat is evident and for the purists it will be important whether they choose a leopard or cheetah print decor, while many of us like both looks, with their distinctive black, beige, brown colors, even if there is a variance in the style of spots.

Like leopard print the cheetah pattern is a popular choice in clothing and decorating the home and it’s even truer that when you go to buy what you think is one or the other, on close inspection can turn out to be the wrong labeling as not everyone it would seem has taken the time to verify the difference between these two cats, sensational coat of arms.

it seems animal prints are not likely to go out of style and it;s easy to see why as for one thing the designs are something else and make a huge visual impact on any room whether it’s a minimalist white room with a cheetah print rug sparking up the look, or a colorful room accented by a leopard print chair whose neutral stance adds a lot of wild charm and pops like crazy next to pretty much any bold hue in the room. if you’re looking to add an edgy look to any space try throwing some cheetah, leopard pillows on a sofa or hang curtains in this mode to create a wildly dramatic backdrop that grabs your attention every time.

It would seem the starry eyed spots of these feline motif’s are not about about to fade away and if anything are more in demand than ever  before,as seen on celebs who love the look of animal prints as a confidence anthem we like to emulate, because if out favorite pop or movie icon can wear or embellish their Hollywood homes leopard or cheetah print, so can we!

,Some people attack animal prints as trashy but that’s kind of weird when you think, these are the coats worn by our animal friends who were once generous enough to let us wear them back in the caveman days so we could stay modest and  warm. How can you say a zebra, leopard, cheetah or giraffe is trashy!! Makes you seriously wonder who thought up this analogy and how it got to have such a powerful impact on our thinking!.

it also reminds me of the pink and blue story where up until the 1940’s baby boys were dressed in pink (so cute) and girls in blue. Along came a  marketing machine engineered by clothing manufacturers of the time who flipped the gender baby clothing color on it’s ear and stated we now dress our little Diva’s in pink and boys will be blue! if you are surprised you’re not alone as I was pretty stunned also. My point here is when fashion magnets and people in high places make a statement of change, it’s amazing how quickly that thought circulates and before you know it our beautiful creatures of the wild are marked in the tasteless fashion bin, until further notice!!

Cheetah and leopard print are part of nature and yes they are a bold print but so are the geometric patterns popular in clothing and home decor right now. The lesson to learn here is when decorating your home choose what makes you happy and continue to walk to the beat of your own drum when it comes to what you wear.also. Of course when it comes to how you present yourself in the workplace their are rules we need to respect, but when it comes to making your sanctuary a place that reflects a vision of your personality and style, where’s the harm in a stunning cheetah bedding set to liven up a snazzy jungle, safari theme or greet a leopard on the prowl in your bathroom on the shower curtain! These fabulous feline designs can be classy that’s for sure and if you want to ask an expert in your house what they think about that cheetah print.chair that you just bought online, go find one of the kids who hasn’t been effected by what the fashion, decor magazines are saying  as to what you should or shouldn’t do, and I’ll bet they’ll tell you that animal prints simply rule and look amazing in any form!

It’s also important to remember that back in the day only the very rich or royal could afford animal prints to display in their homes and there was no talk of a leopard or cheetah covered chair being referred to as tacky or tasteless, in fact it was quite the opposite as these exotic prints were cited as symbol of affluence and good taste. Of course these were real skins sadly and we now thank goodness,replicate the look, but the design was and is the same making an interesting point that how can something so prized for it’s visual appeal, become something many are cautious about  when adding it to their home decor for fear of the leopard, cheetah print  fashion police ready to deliver their seasonal verdict as to what is in vogue and what is not!

Just a thought!

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