Soft, Stylish (King) Beige Leopard Print Fleece Throw

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A beautiful throw blanket can be the finishing touch to a well designed room adding a luxury appeal when draped on a sofa, chair or bed! if the decor look in your home demands a touch of the exotic, why not liven up a space with this luxurious leopard print, (King) fleece throw blanket, an ideal gift for the animal print fan, who knows the visual power, of the wildly majestic leopard motif.

Quality, Polyester Leopard Print Throw!

Well made with rounded corners and over-lock stitching, this beautiful, beige leopard throw is made of  soft, warm non-pilling, stretch-resistant polyester that can be machine washed in cold, lukewarm water using a gentle laundry detergent on a gentle cycle. Some recommend adding a little fabric softner once the throw has gone threw a cycle, then rinsing it again.This leaves the blanket soft and fresh. (Before you wash the blanket check the cleaning instructions label).

  • Size of the throw is 230cm x 240cm (90.55″ x 94.48″)

Popular, Leopard Print Throw

Guaranteed to make a statement and perfect to cozy up to on a cold day! You may find the kids or family dog decide this is their favorite blanket and claim your leopard throw as their own!

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