Super Colorful Cheetah Faux Fur Saucer Chair

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if you love both cheetah and leopard print you probably won’t mind that this colorful saucer chair appears to feature the classic, rosette style spots of the leopard, because in the end it’s an awesome leopard. cheetah chair that has vintage, mid-century origins and a great look that never seems to lose it’s popularity

You can see why they were so in demand back in the day as an easy to set up outdoor chair that was often made of metal and wicker and oh so comfy for those summer days outdoors? The saucer chair could be taken anywhere like the park or beach as it folded up, taking no room in the family station wagon or boot of the car.

It is then easy to see why this snazzy saucer chair with a kaleidoscope of color is on show in an indoor format, as it’s super handy for the kids room, who will love the animal print look, or as extra seating in the family room where it’s funky cheetah, leopard design it’s bound to be a visual hit wherever it’s placed.

The overall size is 31.5″ in height x 27.5″ in width x 35″ in depth with a solid frame that features a support horizontal bar between the back and front legs. The front fabric is 100% polyester with a plush, faux fur appeal, while the back appears to be a black, hardy canvas.

This fun and functional retro themed chair, will be a “huge hit’ in the home and a favorite for extra seating or as a cool, colorful occasional chair.



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