Trendy Leopard Print Storage, Travel Bag

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When you love a particular look, design like leopard print, it can be a whole lot of fun finding things in that theme to fit in your home that are functional and made well, so they won’t fall apart weeks after you have purchased them.

No need to worry here as this leopard print storage bag not only features the classic brown with black spots leopard look, but is made of a quality Oxford fabric blend that allows this storage bag to be durable, dust-proof,  tear-resistant waterproof and breathable, which is so important if you are placing this bag packed with clothing or bedding, under the bed or in the closet. You see Oxford fabric is generally made of a thick, densely woven cotton and used primarily to create up-market men’s shirts but clever  manufacturers have since seen the benefits of mixing this quality fabric named after the prestigious Oxford University, with other materials to create storage bags just like this leopard helper, that has all the qualities you want, to keep the clothes stored, moisture and moth free.

The size of this bag is 22″ x 14.2″ x 9.8″ and when folded flat it measures 11″ x 7.9″ x 1″:with three zippers that open three quarters on the side and fully at the front for easy access. There are also two convenient handles for carrying the bag, which can be used successful as a travel organizer or to store anything you want in a bedroom, living room as the leopard print look is visually fabulous!

Having too little storage space seems to be a common issue these day so this portable storage bag might just be a “must have” for the fans of leopard print or those of us wanting our storage organizers to have a stylish look and keep the items we placed in good order, until they are needed again.

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