Wild And Wonderful Leopard Print Decor

What makes us fall head over heels in love with a certain look in clothing or home decor that captivates our senses and makes us want to surround our lives with this sensational style. For some it’s the romanticism of a Parisian themed bedroom, while others go completely gaga over a bright orange retro sofa or gorgeous vintage dress they’ve seen in the local charity shop.We are all uniquelly inspired by different things as are the die-hard fans of animal prints who can’t get enough of the natural beauty of a tiger, cheetha or leopard, which seems to rise the ranks in popularity as a stunning accessory to be worn or featured as leopard furniture, bedding and wall decor for the home

Leopard print decor is like food you either love or refuse to eat off your plate and admired by selective souls who understand the magic a leopard print lamp or vase strategically placed can have on a rooms visual appeal. Kids love this furry, feline motif as a reference to the jungle, rain-forests of this  world and the wonderful big cats who inhabit them, while their adult counterparts appreciate the sassy significance of adorning their homes and person with this irrepressible animal print.  That’s why the alluring leopard motif presents an edgy look that takes some competing with and just a touch of it against a neutral backdrop can be a stunning effect. So is a leopard print decor for the brave of heart?  Or the clever, homegrown designer who knows it’s intrinsic value as a standout accent choice!

Make a grand statement on the wall with a large canvas print of the leopard in it’s natural habitat or spark up the bathroom with a leopard print shower curtain, accessories and towels. Ever had a leopard on the prowl in your jungle themed bedroom or a rug on the floor that purrs when it’s walked on? Living with the leopard has rules of it’s own and a little does indeed  goes a long way. Getting the balance right is a challenge in itself and takes a bit of tweaking to get the look, exactly how you want.

Glamorous, fashionable, flirty and chic, leopard print is always a fabulous look. Is it time you released the wild soul, hiding within and take your decor to the next level with a magical leopard print makeover?

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